And I Welcome Their Hatred

So now that Bernie Sanders has torn into Donald Trump’s Dickensian throwback of a budget, he is taking heated attacks from the right. And I couldn’t be happier.

I feel the same way I did in 2003, when conservatives got over their little pretense of not hating New York after 9/11. I couldn’t stand their phony, self-congratulatory expressions of faux sympathy back then, and it was a positive relief when they went back to their John Rocker-esque true colors. It’s been the same thing with conservatives and Bernie, pretending they respect him as an independent truth-teller and expressing their backhanded sympathy just so they can use us to take shots at Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Now that he’s back to being the commie atheist who wants to give handouts to lazy hippies and people of color while refusing to show the proper respect to our wealthy corporate betters, it’s like a weight has been taken off.


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