$15 Minimum Wage

A majority of the Senate Democrats are co-sponsoring the $15 minimum wage bill. At 30 sponsors and cosponsors, support has increased significantly since 2015, when Bernie Sanders was able to attract five cosponsors for his bill.

It seems to me that those six 2015 cosponsors make a good shortlist for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination:

Bernie Sanders, VT

Elizabeth Warren, MA

Ed Markey, MA

Sherrod Brown, OH

Dick Durbin, IL

Kirsten Gillibrand, NY



  1. Bernie is too old, IMO–he should move onto being an elder statesman. Same for Durbin and Markey, probably.

    Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, or Sherrod Brown are all likely and exciting prospects. Especially the first two. We need a woman, dammit.


    • I will admit to cold feet at the thought of another nominee from Massachusetts. I don’t know if I can do it.

      As for age, it’s a concern, but we’ll see how the candidates do on the campaign trail. It’s health and energy and sharpness that matter on that front. Some people still have it at an advanced age, and we can decide about the old figures when the time comes.


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