Name Villains

Graham Vyse at the New Republic puts his finger on why Corey Booker is a non-starter for 2020:

Booker has long preached unity and transcendence. Progressives may want him to “name villains,” but he told Salon in 2013, I don’t believe in wholesale vilification of any industry in the United States.” (He’s talking about the Wall Street banks! – ed.) The title of his book last year says it all: United: Thoughts on Finding Common Ground and Advancing the Common Good.

The barriers to an economically just society are not technocratic. The growing concentration of wealth at the top of our society is the outcome of a power struggle between us and them. While there are win-win solutions to even many highly-divisive issues, there is nothing to do about the billionaire class (including but not exclusive to the one currently in the White House) other than to fight them and beat them, as they have been beating the 99%, in the political arena.

The next Democratic presidential nominee needs to understand that there are malefactors of great wealth, in Theodore Roosevelt’s great phrase, at work in our political system, using their clout to aggrandize themselves. The job of the next Democratic nominee for POTUS will be to convincingly name the villains, and promise to fight them for us. Not invite them to tea and cookies to work out something acceptable to everyone. Corey Booker is not the person for the job.


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  1. Yeah, this is the thing–and why Hillary and Obama taking money from the financial industry is a problem. You can’t excoriate them if you’re doing that, and excoriating them is necessary. If only on a raw, pragmatic level, people respond well to that rhetoric, and it’s in keeping with leftist principles, so…why not do it?


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