Who Amongst Us…?

The always public-spirited Hillary Clinton has founded a new nonprofit organization to fund groups that promote political engagement. That seem a fine and noble cause to undertake.

The name of the new organization is Onward Together.

Just give that a minute to sink in. Onward Together. That’s the name of Hillary Clinton’s new political organization: Onward Together.

Maybe John Kerry came up with that.

Once again, promoting political engagement is a wonderful thing.



    • Interesting – in this case, meaning entirely predictable – development at the old place:

      A post quotes Joe Biden says he would have done better than Hillary Clinton against Trump. Comment after comment after comment saying that he did worse than her in Democratic primaries than she did.

      The head blogger there knows the difference between primaries and general elections. He has heard of Ronald Reagan losing to Gerry Ford in 1976. He is, allegedly, a political scientist. He frequently upbraids people for treating strength among primary electorates and strength in general elections as interchangeable.

      He has not written a single response to any of those comments, or to the original post. Nor will he.

      These people just do not have the capacity to come back. They’re never again going to be what they were. And it’s too bad.


      • Yeah, it is sad, and very frustrating. I do get the mental block there. Admitting Biden would have had an advantage over HRC is hard because it’s pretty damn unfair that he has that advantage. He’s no further left than she is on economic issues (in fact I think he’s to her right), he’s another old white dude, and the main reason he has that advantage is that HRC was attacked for decades over minutiae thanks to rabid misogynistic right-wingers. Plus he himself is an affable folksy guy, while she can’t really be affable and folksy like that (in part because she’s so guarded because of her history of being attacked). It’s hard to accept this kind of unfairness.

        But, like, it’s also unfair that the Dems have tacked to the center on economic issues for decades! And yet we’re told (rightly) to get over that because of pragmatism and vote for the centrist. But somehow, some Internet Democrats think Hillary supporters should never be told that their candidate is a poor choice for pragmatic reasons. Meanwhile those who supported Bernie Sanders, even those of us who never expected him to win and just wanted him to push the party leftwards, get chastised endlessly for being ‘purity ponies.’ It’s just weird.


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