Today in Hilarious Attempts to Make Bernie Sanders Go Away

Bernie Sanders is last year’s news, just like Hillary Clinton.

I can appreciate the point that relitigating last year’s Democratic primary is not useful for resisting Donald Trump right now. However, Senator Sanders is not Jim Webb or Lincoln Chaffee or Hillary Clinton; his relevance did not end with the 2016 election.

Sanders is the most important and popular figure on the left in 2017. He is filling venues right now on a nationwide tour that features the Chair of the Democratic Party as his opening act. He is heavily engaged, in an official leadership position within the party, in organizing and conducting the resistance to Trump. He is the most popular politician in America – a position he achieved while in the midst of an active partisan primary, continued to hold while serving as a Hillary Clinton surrogate during a heated general election, and grew even further through the past five months of active, high-visibility engagement in national politics during the Age of Trump. Far from being irrelevant since last fall, his importance and popularity have only grown. He is not old news, but today’s news, as one can tell by…reading the news.

It is a testimony to the uselessness of the outgoing Democratic establishment that they are still trying to bury Sanders, and a credit to figures like Tom Perez and Chuck Schumer, that they have recognized his importance to the Democratic Party in this political moment.

Sorry, folks. Bernie Sanders isn’t going anywhere.


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  1. Good points all, especially about Schumer and Perez. As a New Yorker, I’m weirdly impressed with–and heartened by–Chuck Schumer’s political acumen here. Chucky doesn’t make grand stands on principle. If he’s supporting Bernie Dems, it’s because he thinks we’re crucial to victory.


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