How Do You Write “Bernie Would Have Won” in Cyrillic?

1. The Russian government was backing Donald Trump as far back as the Republican primaries in 2015, planting negative stories about Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush at key moments in the race.

2. The Russian government, which was angling for a Trump win while the primaries were still happening, sat on the DNC and Podesta emails until Clinton had won the nomination, only releasing them through Wikileaks once there was no chance they would prevent her from being the Democratic nominee.

There are two obvious conclusions one can draw from this.

First, Putin was not just anti-Clinton, as the FBI initially thought, but pro-Trump. If they were motivated by a desire to stop Hillary Clinton, they could have tried to sandbag her in the primaries, but they didn’t.

Second, Sanders was the better candidate to face Trump. The Russian intel agencies that proved themselves so effective at manipulating American electoral politics wanted their boy to face Clinton and not Sanders.

At this point, the universe of people who don’t think Sanders would have been a stronger general election candidate consists only of people who thought that the Deplorables comment was brilliant multi-dimensional chess that helped Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


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