Speaking of the Crumbling Democratic Blogosphere…

At some point, it is going to become necessary to think about the policies and actions of Donald Trump in terms other than the opportunity their announcement  provides to express bitterness that Hillary Clinton was unpopular among left-wingers. If, for example, your reaction to the proposal to bring back torture is, first and foremost, a sarcastic “But her emails,” you have lost the fucking point.

I understand that Clinton’s most devoted online supporters are a few months behind  some of us in the grieving process, but it’s time for political writing to be about politics and policy again. You’re not going to resist Trump by indulging yourself this way. You’re not even going to sooth your feelings.



  1. I think there’s a more granular typology to be had of “but her emails”…i.e., it’s not just strength of devotion that triggers people to this line nor is it just directed at the anti-hillary left. For example, in my reading, it’s often directed at the mainstream press (which surely had more material effect than any left activist or even left non-mainstream press). In *comments* it tends to go intra-left, but I’d guess that’s mostly because one is more likely to have a spectrum of leftys.

    Given that both popular/EC vote splits in the past 20 years involved the democratic candidate having to run against an absurd press situation, it’s worth thinking about.


    • Point the Second: if you are making sure to include the words “working class” or “economic anxiety” every time you want to call someone out as a racist, you have lost the fucking point so badly that you’ve become a propagandist for class-war-from-above, devoting your commemrary to equating the working class and their problems with racism.

      The motives here, the grudges driving this behavior, don’t matter to me very much.


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