Let’s Take a Look Back

Now that everyone understands that Russian propagandists are hard at work to influence American public opinion on behalf of Russian foreign policy, including through the planting of stories and ideas in the progressive blogosphere and by using networks like Russia Today to frame the news in a manner that promotes Russian interests…

I wonder if any of the voices who were so adamant in denouncing American actions in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine are going to go back and check their work from that period. Hey, everybody, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are warmongers who destroyed Libya!



  1. The really annoying part is that all the people who seem to take Russia’s interference seriously, and to acknowledge that Putin is actually, y’know, a vicious dictator supporting genocide in Aleppo, are also disproportionately likely to get on the “WE HATE BERNIE, THE LEFT IS RACIST/SEXIST, THE ELECTION LOSS IS THE FAULT OF JACOBIN AND THE INTERCEPT” train.

    Meanwhile, the people who think class issues are real and who aren’t busy blaming Bernie for running/not conceding on their time table/whatever are disproportionately likely to sneer at the Russia problem. Not everyone, but it’s an annoying trend.

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    • There are so very, very many annoying parts.

      Like, for example, people pulling a complete reversal on the question of whether an institutional actor planting stories to influence public opinion in order to affect an ongoing election can be criticized for influencing that election’s outcome, or whether doing so should be met with catcalls about sore losers refusing to admit their candidate lost “fair and square.”


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