Today in Phony Non-Partisanship

Jacob Weisberg explains that Donald Trump is inspired in part by “the wacko left.”

Trump’s authoritarianism is an amalgam not of left and right but of wacko left and wacko right:

I don’t think we need to go too deeply in to the wacko-right elements of Trumpism: the violent suppression of dissent, the threats of torture, the scapegoating of minorities and foreigners. But what’s this about “the wacko left?” Weisberg provides two brief passages:

He thinks that George Bush was to blame for 9/11…He is unfriendly toward the free market

So, the sum total of Donald Trump’s leftist influence amounts to 1) promoting the absurd conspiracy theory that George Bush was President on 9/11, phrased by Weisberg to confuse that point with 9/11 Trutherism, and 2) economic politics that are, in some undefined way, “unfriendly towards the free market.” And that’s it. Really.

So, to sum up: both sides do it. Where’s my Pulitzer?



  1. This isn’t quite the right place for it, but re: our discussion the other day about whether Trump contradicts settled political science qua The Party Decides, I don’t know if you saw this Monkey’s Cage article:

    It certainly suggests that PD is not a consensus view, which is consistent with the other stuff I’ve read.


  2. Trump is a demagogue but I did appreciate how he, of all people, laid bare to the Republicans how ridiculous the “he kept us safe” line is about Bush. I’m from northern Virginia, Jeb, tell me again how he kept the workers at the Pentagon “safe”.


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